San Diego County Fair

On Sunday, Jessica and I went to the San Diego County Fair. It was a bit last minute but it was a great mini road trip none-the-less. We set out at about 2:30pm and arrived in Del Mar at about 3:30-4pm. I was overwhelmed with all the food the fair had to offer. I mean, let's face it - if you're not going to the fair for rides or games you're going for FOOD! Jessica and I had a blast exploring the fair and we even went and saw some animals (cows and goats). Oh, and we also went to the "Our Body: The Universe Within". It was such an interesting display of the human body. I know there's a lot of controversy about it but I was in awe of how amazing and complex the human body is. Muscles, nerves, organs - amazing. 

Aliens are so bossy. Here we are "teleporting" to the San Diego County Fair! 

Rides, Games, Photo Booths!

We did lots of browsing of the jewelry, sweets, and nail polish! I really wanted to get the nail polish... 

 I was really excited about finding this!

So was Jessica!

Time for FOOD! I think this was probably one of the healthiest foods at the fair. I mean, that's relative with fair food though.

Yes, I ate all of it. SO GOOD!

My favorite dessert stand. 

Jessica's dessert.

My dessert! It was frozen yogurt in a waffle sandwich. Not very healthy, but very good!

My personality analysis. I like that I like to "play an active part in the life around" me. Very, very true. 

Beyond this point - no pictures. Great exhibit. It was worth the $7.00.

Beautiful San Diego Sky on a beautiful Sunday evening. 

Jessica loving the baby goat. He was so cute!

Our photo booth pics. I love photo booths. They almost always make you look extra pretty. 

Although this day wasn't "health" focused, I definitely was aware of what I was putting in my body. I have no regrets from Sunday but mostly because some days you just gotta let loose! I felt my walking around the fair for 2 hours made up for it (some what... am I stretching here?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my picture heavy post. I honestly couldn't pick my favorites because all of them are my favorites. Such a great time with Jessica! I look forward to more adventures. 

Until next time, keep smiling!


Fitness is Better Together!

After I stepped on the scale on January 30, 2012 I made a conscience effort to look for a personal trainer. Unfortunately, I knew I wouldn't be able to self start because when it comes to working out, I'll start but I never finish. Even to this day, I have a difficult time just going to the gym, hoping on the elliptical and then doing some weight training. I get bored and I just want to leave so then I just end up torturing myself by being there. 

My friend, Vanessa, agreed to join me on my journey by being my workout buddy with the personal trainer at Fitness Together. It has been a great experience so far. I feel very supported by the staff but especially our trainer. We were held accountable every week to show up and keep a food journal (I use MyFitnessPal). Our trainer, Palani, would work us HARD. I remember the day I dragged my feet to go because I was just DONE. However, I paid, Palani and Vanessa were counting me and so there I was - out of my mind annoyed BUT I was there.

My thoughts EXACTLY.

Although sometimes I felt upset, I always knew that my trainer was on my team. He wanted me to succeed. Palani was great because he would take the time to answer our questions about our food intake and also give us advice on the work outs we were doing outside of FT. It was always helpful and really motivated me to move my butt! Also - he did weigh-ins every Thursday! Yikes! 

Right now, I'm working in a PACK since Vanessa went on a two week vacation. Erin is my new trainer and I really enjoy how she keeps me and the other women moving. My heart rate is almost at a constant 160 and I'm burning about 400-500 calories. I still dislike burpees, battle ropes, mountain climbers and the likes but I'm able to do them now. My first small victory was being able to do mountain climbers without stopping for 45 seconds. It might seem like nothing but that's a BIG deal to me. 

PACK Small Group Personal Training at Fitness Together Point Loma

Calories burned if elliptical is done first. This isn't the average for me - usually it's within the 400-500 range. (I'm going to do a review on my Polar heart rate monitor soon and explain my thought on this.)

Worst day to take a picture of the board but if you can read it, it's my workout for the hour. We do about 3 to 4 rounds of it depending on time and speed.

Working with a personal trainer was helpful to me. It makes me want to be active and it also forces me to go to the gym when I don't feel like it. It's been a great experience and if it weren't for the price I would do this all the time! I figured, I rather pay for my health now rather than later. 

What motivates you? 

Let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Until then, keep smiling! I smile more when my body is sore!


Monday Weigh-In 004

Well, I gained a pound. I'm not shocked or upset because for every action there is a reaction. Actually, in this case, it's more of a for every "non-action" there is a "non-reaction". I didn't really work out last week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday were workout days) and unfortunately, my body needs to be in constant motion or it tends to retain everything I eat and drink. 

Here's where I get a bit optimistic. It's not 220. I would like to say now that I am making a promise to myself to stay out of the 220's. When I weighed 220, I wasn't happy. My body felt heavy and sluggish. I'm not saying that negative two pounds is making all the difference but in my defense, I feel two pounds lighter. Plus, the other day at my personal training I did mountain climbers for a whole minute! Yeah, I couldn't do that two pounds ago... so there's that! 

This weekend was a fun-packed weekend. Constant movement and constant... hmm... food intake! My dad, sister and her boyfriend, went to Small Bar in University Heights for breakfast. It's not your typical brunch spot but I wanted a mimosa darn it! 

Great beer on tap! Plus, on a Friday or Saturday night it's a great atmosphere. However, it lives up to it's name. 

Beer list and bar.

For this brunch, you get a drink with your meal (there are a couple choices but the ones I can remember off-hand are mimosas, beer, or Bloody Mary). I went with the "Life on Mars" for my brunch. Soyrizo isn't the "healthiest" of items but it sure is yummy! 

My mimosa and my dad's beer (Sculpin, yum!)

It was hot in this corner... but even more so with that mimosa (I don't drink very often these days). 

  Karina ordered the French Toast. 

 My delicious omelette...


I was really full after brunch so when I got home, I just rested while I waited for Jessica to get ready for the San Diego County Fair. The fair was awesome and it was such a fun day. Lots of walking, talking, eating, and shopping was had. Now, I'm not saying I gained a pound in a day but look at this... 

I was bad... Don't tell my trainer!

Oh well - on Sunday, food won. But what a great victory it was! Anyway, I'm going to save the San Diego County Fair for another post.

Until then, keep smiling! And don't be hard on yourself. Some Sundays you're going to look like me up there with a plate of cheese fries... and that's okay! Forgive yourself and move on. I know I have! 

"Take a Hike" Saturday: Florida Canyon Trail

Another beautiful day in San Diego called for another hike with Jessica (The Jessica L Blog). I loaded up Junior and we were on our way. This time we decided to tackle a trail by Balboa Park. We've both seen these trails and always wondered where they started and ended. It wasn't the most scenic trail but it was easy, I will give it that. I actually wanted a bit of a challenge so I asked Jessica if we could walk up the hill (at Pershing and Florida). It wasn't the worst hill of my life but it was a good climb since it got my heart rate going!

 Junior posing for a photo! Hello, Junior!

 Jessica walking with Stella. Jessica walks really fast but it's good because it forces me to keep up!

 Florida Canyon Nature Trails

 And so begins the hill! Not very challenging (like I said) but a good hill none-the-less!

 Junior with his buddy, Stella. Leading the way on the trail!

Jessica taking a picture of me taking a picture of the trail sign. This trail went back to Morley Field. It was a pretty quick walk. 

A great photo spot! A nice trail in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city.  

 Leave it to Jessica to find a cupcake place! 

Tired after an hour long hike. Good job, pups!

This hour long hike allowed me to burn about 477 calories which only meant ONE thing - FROYO!

Chocolate/Peanut Butter frozen yogurt (100 calories!!) courtesy of Golden Spoon!

Later, I went with Jessica, her husband, Scott, and her parents to dinner for an early birthday celebration at BJ's Brewery in Chula Vista. Good food, good company. I also felt really good in the outfit I was wearing. 

 This skirt is from 2009. It looks WAY better on me now. 

And I'm happy! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I am so happy because I gained 2 new followers. Don't be shy! I'm friendly! Look at that face! ;-)

Anyway. Until next time, keep smiling! 


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