Battle on the Midway

A couple weeks ago I scored tickets to the Battle on the Midway from my work. If you don't know, this is a pretty pricey event and takes place on the historic Midway Battleship. There are very few things I have a passion for (does that sound bad?) and one of those things is college basketball. Not just "any" college basketball but Aztec college ball. I was never an Aztec but I did grow up going to football and basketball games so it only makes sense. 

Feeling so lucky right about now!

The Midway on any other day is just an awesome museum on the water. 

A view of the Coronado Bridge from our seats

A great day for Aztec ball even though they lost. It was still so much fun and I'm glad I had a chance to experience a game on the Midway.

Anyone else a sports fan? 


It's Been a Rough Week

Red Cat Print Blouse - Forever 21
White Polka Dot Shorts - Old Navy
Black Tights - Target
Cheetah Bow Flats - Ross

I made it through the week. My week started off on a rough start. I was feeling completely off and I wasn't sure what was wrong with me. I felt tired and like I was forgetting something. On Tuesday, I made a huge mistake at work and I thought I might be put on probation or fired. I couldn't sleep and I couldn't eat. I felt horrible. On Wednesday I went to work, crying, and my boss and I spoke about what happened. She said I wasn't going to be fired so I felt some relief. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was so irresponsible and unorganized. The week ended on a good note when I went to a training. I felt refreshed and I learned so much. The above outfit pictures were taken on Friday. I felt super cute in my cat shirt. I even wore it out to get drinks with my friends. Some guy complimented my shirt which let's face it, it's funny when guys compliment clothing. 

I hope this week is better. It's definitely going to be shorter - three work days and two holidays. I need this four day weekend badly. However, I have so much work to get done this week. Here goes nothing!


Now this is an outfit post

During the week I find myself having difficulty getting out of bed. My alarm goes off at 5am and I'm hitting snooze for an hour. I've really been trying to work on waking up at 5am but I'm stubborn. I figure I can make breakfast in 25 minutes, change in 10, and get my make up done in about 10ish minutes. That's only 45 minutes I need in the morning! However, I find that I'm more stressed out when I rush through everything. This week I forced myself out of bed around 5:30, I got my outfit ready, and prepped myself for make up. I put some bacon in the oven (best idea ever) and I go about my morning. I actually had time to take pictures of my outfits! It's laundry week (seriously! It's not me trying to be modest about my outfits). I've been trying to get away from this silhouette but it's difficult when it's almost everything in my closet. While I don't mind the curve hugging clothing, I find myself more attracted to a-line or fit and flare dresses.

Black and white heart blouse - Target
Green pencil skirt - Forever 21+
Flats - Ross

Studded Peter Pan Collar blouse - H&M
Floral pencil skirt - H&M
Tights - Target
Heels - Target
Rocko the pitbull - The Barking Lot (lol)

Sunglasses - Koby's Swap Meet
San Diego State Jersey - Unknown (it's "vintage" HAHA)
Red skirt - Forever 21+

Today I went to the Aztec football game. Last game of the season! I'll post about it later.

What are you up to this weekend?


Hey girl, I like your style

I like a fierce chick who doesn't give a damn. Style-wise I like when people take risks and stand by their style choices. Today I was listening to this amazing song by Grace Potters and the Nocturnals called, "Never Go Back." I saw Grace Potter live about a year and a half ago and she was amazing. She has such a powerful voice and presence on stage and I literally fell in love. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals just released a new album called, "The Lion The Beast The Beat" and it's such an great album.

Aside from her music, she has a style that is uniquely her. Although I won't be prancing around in short skirts any time soon I definitely appreciate and love her style. It's rugged and tough and pretty all at the same time. Not to mention her hair is super cute.

Who is your style inspiration? My list goes on and on... 


"I want you to want me"

On my way to work today I was going through every single station I have programmed in my car and I stopped when I heard a familiar song. Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" was playing and I was automatically taken back to a date I had about two years ago. We went to a local bar (har har another bar) and he gave me a dollar and told me to go pick some songs on the juke box. I happily (drunkingly?) obliged. I remember walking up to the juke box with so much confidence. I wanted to play fun songs, songs that other people in the bar would recognize and know. Soon that confidence went away because I realized that I didn't know what to pick. My "go-tos" had already been played. I was stumped! I quickly made decisions and figured, "Ehh whatever." I go back to my spot near him at the bar and eventually my songs come on. First was Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit" - WHY DID I PICK THAT?! He laughed at me and asked me the same thing. Then Cheap Trick's song blasted. He turned to me and said, "Is this a hint?" I was immediately embarrassed because it wasn't my intention at all! I did manage to get a kiss out of the whole deal... but I digress! 

I laughed when I heard the song this morning and happily (for real this time) sang along. That boy is long gone - good riddance I may add. However, this song continues to put a pep in my step every time I hear it! 

What song gets you going in the morning? 

Black and White Star Polka Dot blouse - Target
Red Tweed dress pants - Target
"Pink Chocolate" lipstick - Clinque

Getting ready for work can be such a chore sometimes!


I voted!

Fashion blogs like to talk about what they wore every day. I'm not a fashion blog. I'm a lifestyle blog. Here's the most important accessory I wore today. "I Voted." This was my first time voting and it was one of those experiences that I'm glad I waited for. I know, it sounds silly to say but I never felt well informed or like my vote would matter. However, today when I voted I felt good about my selections and even if the outcome wasn't what I expected I'm glad I was part of it. I can look back and I know that I made the first step to having my voice heard. I hope everyone was able to vote and that you made a difference in your state. Personally, I'm tired of California trying to nickel and dime me.

Btw - It's good to be back. I needed the time away from this blog to rethink my approach. I wanted to figure out how to keep myself blogging about the things I find important... hence the name and URL change. It's very important to make this long term and I think I found a way!


I'm not a drunk... I promise.

On Friday my friend Nicole flew in from Hawai'i. Her flight arrived at 11pm so all afternoon I ran errands for the Color Run and then I hung out at Jessica's house and bothered her about helping me with my blog. After many different attempts to make layouts work and saying over and over again how dumb Blogger was I decided it was time to get ready to go out. Nicole wanted to go out on Friday and I was more than happy to oblige! It was funny because when we were in the car I was telling her about all the places I like to take my friends that are visiting and most of them were bars... whoops! I promise I'm not a drunk. I just really enjoy a good beer and a good atmosphere. Friday night called for Aero Club and Small Bar. Aero Club because that's where you go after you arrive from a flight and Small Bar because they have the best mules in San Diego. 

Red and White Heart Cardigan: Forever 21
Gray V-Neck T-Shirt: Forever 21
Black and White Polka Dot Shorts: Old Navy
Black tights: Target
Red Bow Pumps: Betseyville via Ross

Tell me about your favorite local bar (or restaurant)! 


Color Run San Diego 2012

This weekend was the Color Run in San Diego. It was the first 5k I've ever participated in. Although I didn't run much of it, I felt it was definitely worth my time. It was so much fun running through all the different color stations and then enjoying the color party at the end with my girlfriends. Sometimes it's difficult to find inner peace with life constantly moving at such a fast pace but Saturday I felt better. I was around positive people and I was having so much fun. I forgot about my miserable week of eating candy and drinking Diet Coke and I was just happy. Ahh... inner peace. I loved having my friend Nicole out here from Hawai'i for the Color Run. Girl time at it's best!

An amazing weekend full of fun, laughter, and color! What more could a girl ask for?

Btw - I'm back. For good! New layout, new blog name, new approach. Hope you stick around for the fun.


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